About Ripl

We help developers add a mobile experience to their existing project in a fraction of the time it used to take. Whether you're a developer in a big company, or a small startup, we want to help you create a mobile experience in a matter of minutes no matter the language that you use.

Our team is made up of developers with a passion for mobile but a background in a variety of different programming languages. Some of us are from the desktop world, others web, and still others embedded. But all of us have been blown away by how easily we can add a mobile experience to any language, so much so that we have set out to bring this magic to the developer community.

Every developer we talk to has a new way to use Ripl that we never even imagined. We're excited to be building a platform where our developers surprise us everyday with their creativity.

About Our Company

Ripl is a product of MTS Systems Corporation, a global $1 billion+ public company with a 50 year history of innovation. We are proudly based out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota. MTS is a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position measurement sensors. Our customers are leading manufacturers of passenger and commercial vehicles, manufacturers of commercial and military aircraft, structural researchers, hurricane and tsunamis researchers, biomedical device developers, fossil fuels exploration companies, and the list goes on. Ripl came out of our mobile and Internet of Things division and the team is based at MTS’s world headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Our Story

The technology behind Ripl started as an internal API that allowed us to easily add mobile monitoring capability to a variety of control system software applications, embedded PLCs, and more. We used it to mobile-enable world-class simulators and testing equipment so the lab personnel could keep connected to the progress of tests from anywhere - be alerted the instant something important or unexpected happened - and even track the health of the system to see when maintenance was due or the performance was deteriorating. Having been battle tested by leading automotive, aerospace, government, and university customers - we realized that we had created a very generic mobile monitoring capability that had a lot more uses beyond testing equipment.

We started to use it for other things. We hooked it up to monitor our internal systems, servers, new customer registrations, and more. One of us even hooked it up to monitor his home security system and could control his garage door through the mobile app. The light bulb clicked for us and we knew we had to make this technology available to developers everywhere. The glee that we felt every time we could make some existing project better by dropping in a few lines of code and creating a mobile interface needed to be shared.

Soon after, Ripl was born as a tool for the development community. We continue to build it out based on our community’s feedback to make it even more powerful. If you have ideas, questions, or suggestions - please reach out to us - we made this for you and we want to work with you to make it even better!

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